Drone Surveys and Aerial Photography

Why use a drone to survey?

Major benefits for employers

  1. Drone surveys are cheaper as you do not require scaffolding, rigging, heavy equipment, safety wear or additional insurance to send employees to work at height.
  2. No need to hire cherry pickers, close roads or restrict access to car parks etc.
  3. You eliminate risk of falls or staff collapsing at height or running fowl of UK working at height regulations.
  4. Many types of industrial equipment can be surveyed and recorded chimneys, flare stacks, or high towers etc.



Working at Height

Building surveys can be a lot of bovver, too much bovver, so let us hover, honest it’s no bovver!



Aerial Photography And Filming

Flyover Surveys are able to offer a professional aerial filming using state of the art UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems). Downloadable to data disc and fully editable

  1. An affordable alternative to high-cost cherry pickers, road closures or maybe helicopters and planes
  2. UAS captures ultra-high quality 4K resolution aerial footage using gimble-mounted cameras for total stability without manual correction
  3. Quicker to deploy than a cherry picker or building scaffolding or a tower or hiring a helicopter or plane
  4. can work in smaller spaces allowing you to get closer to the subject

All footage can be viewed on the ground in real time using a video downlink, giving you full creative control over angles and framing during filming.

We hold a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permit for aerial work (PFCO)

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How drones are transforming the facilities management industry



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The Phantom drone we use

Phantom 4 Pro


The DJI Phantom 4 Professional features the most advanced camera ever fitted to a Phantom drone. This latest addition to the Phantom collection has the very best camera, obstacle avoidance and the best battery life. The Phantom 4 Pro is a true all in one package for aerial photographers.


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